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Honey & Clover Kidswear / Children's Apparel | FAQs


1. How do I order?
Ordering is easy. To place an order, simply click on your desired item(s), identifying your order quantity, size and colour.  Add them to your shopping cart and once you are ready, you can proceed to your shopping cart to check out. The shopping cart icon can be found on the right side of the top menu bar.

You may check out as a guest (by not creating an account with us). However, you would not be able to track the delivery service with a shipping code in this instance. Otherwise, creating an account with us would allow you to log in to your account so that you can track your order status. You make your own choice and preference.

Please note that if a product has only 1 item in stock, the sale would be made on a "first come, first served" basis. Do complete your purchase as soon as you can to avoid disappointment. A purchase is deemed complete only when payment is made. A sale confirmation would be emailed to you upon receipt of your payment.

2. Do I need to have an account to start purchasing?
Account creation is optional. You can check out as a guest. You only need to create an account and log in before making any purchase if you want to track your order status online. 

3. I am not from Singapore. Can I shop in a different currency?
You may change the item price on our site to display your country's currency by using the drop-down list at the top menu bar. 

As we are based in Singapore, please note that all orders will be processed in Singapore Dollars (SGD/S$). The currency conversion will follow PayPal's exchange rate.

4. How do I make my payment(s)?
We accept PayPal and most Credit/Debit Card payments (e.g. Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, etc.). All payments can be made via the PayPal Express payment gateway or STRIPE payment gateway. Both are leading secured gateways for customers and ourselves (as merchants). You are free to choose either gateway upon checkout.

If you select PayPal, you are NOT REQUIRED to have a PayPal account to complete the purchase. Instead, you can opt to make payment as a GUEST if you wish. Simply click "Check Out as a Guest" at the PayPal page to proceed with your payment by inputing your credit/debit card details.

If you already have a registered PayPal account, you may also choose to log in to PayPal to make an online payment.

We also accept full or partial payment by Gift Card(s) issued by Honey & Clover and within the stipulated validity date. Please click on Gift Cards/Discount Vouchers for full details.


5. How do I use my Gift Cards purchased from Honey & Clover?
To redeem Gift Card, please shop at honeynclover.com. Key in Gift Card/Voucher Code upon checking out your shopping cart. 

Each Gift Card carries a one year validity, and is non-refundable and exchangeable. If not redeemed within this timeframe, its value will be forfeit.

Gift cards can be combined for usage. To use multiple Gift Cards in one sale transaction, the user only need to key in Gift Card codes one by one and the total payable/balance amount would be derived by the system. Unused values in gift card(s) can be applied for future purchase so long as they are within the validity date.

Please input the Gift Card code before carting out. No refunds will be made for orders where discount code/store credits/gift card code were not entered at the point of purchase.

6. How do I use Discount Voucher?
To redeem Discount Voucher, please shop at honeynclover.com. Key in Discount Voucher Code upon checking out your shopping cart. 

Each Discount Voucher / Code carries a stipulated validity, and is non-refundable and exchangeable. If not redeemed within this timeframe, its discount offer / value will be forfeit. Please also note that Gift Card and Gift purchases do not qualify for discounts. Hence, Discount Voucher is not applicable in such instances. 

We accept only ONE discount code in each order even if you have more than 1 set of discount codes. Stacking of discount codes are not permitted. Choose the ONE discount code that benefit you most. Otherwise, we will manually reject your sale even if payment is made.

Please input the Discount Code before carting out. No refunds will be made for orders where discount code/store credits/gift card code were not entered at the point of purchase.

7. Criteria to use Gift Card(s) or/and Discount Voucher(s) in Summary.

No Gift Card One Gift Card Multiple Gift Cards

No Discount Voucher

Allowed Allowed Allowed
One Discount Voucher

Allowed Allowed Allowed
Multiple Discount Vouchers Not Allowed Not Allowed  Not Allowed

8. What happens after my payment has been accepted?
You will first receive an email notification when your order and payment has been processed successfully. An order number will be reflected in this email as well. Quote us the Order Number (starting with "HNC----") for future correspondences. In addition, you will also receive a separate payment confirmation emailed to you by PayPal reflecting your purchase item(s) and payment made.

Once your order is dispatched, you will receive another email notification stating that your order is on its way to you. 

9. Can I make a change to my order?
Please check and ensure that the item(s) you selected and added to your cart is/are correct before checking out as no changes can be made to your order after it has been confirmed.  Please understand that this is to facilitate faster processing of orders and smooth operations. 

10. Where do you ship to? 
We ship within Singapore and Worldwide. Please refer to our Shipping & Delivery page for rates and information.

11. How long is the order processing time?
We usually process orders on the same or next working day. .


1. Who is Honey & Clover?

Honey & Clover is a trade name under Amberclover International Pte. Ltd., a business registered in Singapore. Honey & Clover is an online retail store that offers quality children's apparel labels from Europe, USA and Asia.

2. Why Honey & Clover?

Honey & Clover is created with the vision “to expose our customers to quality children's apparel labels that are rare in Singapore and South East Asia”. We strive to bring in popular and high quality labels from around the world so that consumers are provided with choice alternatives in the market.

Our stylish and unique children's collections are not commonly seen in Singapore as they are imported from overseas. We do not just parallel import. In fact, we are authorised stockists for some very established brands in Europe. Hence, our shoppers can be guaranteed of quality, designs and authenticity.

Our fast & reliable service crew enables you to receive your online order(s) at the door within the stipulated business days.

We have weekly updates or new arrivals to keep you excited. Get to shop hundreds of designs that are constantly renewed.

3. Are all the items you sell genuine and brand new?
Honey & Clover sources its products only from the respective brand owners or authorised resellers overseas. Most of which come in original labels and packaging. As such, we guarantee that all products offered for sale in our store are 100% authentic and brand new. Please refrain from purchase if in doubt.

4. Are the items you sell 'past-season' stocks? 
Honey & Clover sources its products directly from brand owners or authorized resellers overseas. In most instances, we are the authorised stockist ourselves. We carry a mix of current season, evergreens and previous-seasons products, depending on brands. Whilst most brand owners or authorised resellers allow us to sell current season items, others may only be available in past-season designs.

5. We see Chinese worded labels attached to some of your European brand apparels. Why is that so? Did you buy from China?
Honey & Clover is an authorised stockist with proper merchant accounts set up with respective brand owners. As worldwide established brands, many of these brand owners have regional branches/offices in China or other parts of Asia. So, when we place orders with the headquarters, the merchandise would be shipped out from a regional office nearest to our locale. In this instance, some of Singapore's merchandise would be shipped out from China offices. That explains why you see Chinese texts in some merchandise. Rest assured that all items are authentic from the brand owners and this practice only applies to few brands. Many of our merchandises are shipped directly from Europe.

6. Are parallel import goods legal?
We only parallel import some labels and stocks once in a while. Parallel importing is legal in Singapore and as a registered company, we run a genuine business and do not deal with counterfeit or illegal products under any circumstances.

7. What are your pricing strategies?
Honey & Clover sources its products directly from brand owners or authorised resellers overseas. In fact, we ourselves are the authorised stockist of some established brands in Europe. In such instances, our supplies come direct from the brand owners. We do buy from authorised resellers occasionally. We import in larger capacities as compared to some smaller market players. Because we take advantage of factors such as economies of scale, favourable exchange rates etc, we are able to acquire these items at competitive rates, and in turn pass on these savings to our customers by pricing our items competitively. You would find some of our high priced brands being priced slightly below established European online stores. 

8. I want to buy this product but the size is unavailable or sold out. Will it ever become available again?
Most of our collections are unique and come in limited pieces and sizes. Hence, we are unlikely to re-stock when an item is sold out. Unlike other market players, our buyers (as parents themselves) do not buy across all sizes for each and every design. In fact, most sizings are decided based on the appropriateness of designs. We hope our customers would feel that they/their children are looking age appropriate and unique in most instances. 

9. Do you have your own labels? What are your house brands?
Yes. We are now working on launching our own "Honey & Clover" kidswear label by 2017.

10. Why are you using images and logos from respective brands on your online store?
We ourselves are authorised stockist for some big European brands. Many of these brands are established in Europe and USA, but have no representations in Singapore.  We have obtained written consents to use images provided by the brand owners or authorised resellers. In reciprocal, we provide due credit(s) by inserting appropriate logo(s) in most images.

11. I see some other online stores selling same brand products like yours and the product pictures look the same. Are they the same as yours?
We ourselves are authorised stockist for some big European brands. We are given the consent to use images and videos from their marketing campaigns. However, we take great pains to take and edit ALL product photographs and create ALL copywriting ourselves to allow greater adaptability to our local/regional contexts. Therefore, we own the copyrights to ALL product images and copywriting from our store. Whilst we understand that it is a free market and other vendors have rights to sell similar products, we will not hesitate to take legal actions against vendors who steal our product photographs and copywriting for their business/commercial usage, be it within Singapore or overseas. We take a very serious approach on this matter.

12. Are the colours portrayed on the computer screen similar to the actual product?
We do our best to ensure that the colours portrayed on our website are accurate. As such, kindly understand that actual colours may vary due to monitor, display or resolution settings, as well as the type of screen used to view the website.

13. Are all the measurements provided in the size charts absolutely accurate?
We do our best to ensure that the measurements provided on our website are accurate. As such, kindly understand that the actual measurements may deviate by up to +/-10% as each apparel is machine sewn by different individuals.